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When I reflect on what inspires me, I find myself revisiting the traces of places, feelings and memories within the fragments I collect. Inspiration, I find, often arrives in the most unexpected of places and moments.

Sophie Klerk is a Danish collage artist. She has previously lived and worked in the Netherlands, England, Mexico and most recently in New Zealand, all part of shaping her unique, minimalist and expressive style. It is curiosity and challenge of the unknown that inspire Sophie to explore the interaction between different papers, colours, shades and textures, thread, paint and photos. The composed and stitched together collages often refer to the prior use of the materials. She works very intuitively and build up stories - chaos turns into order, wholeness and new contexts. Her work is held in private collections worldwide, and she undertakes collaborations and commissions on request.


Amelie, Maison d'art

The Darling

Audo Copenhagen



In between, Pop up, Copenhagen 2023

3DOD, Yoonede, Copenhagen, 2023

Ophold, Galleri Lars Borella 2023

Anne Aarsland Gallery, 5th March 2022 Copenhagen

Kunstsalonen, Copenhagen 2021

Reclam Reframe, Galleri Lars Borella 2021

Frederiksberg Salonen Online, Copenhagen 2020

Emanuel Olsen Salonen, Copenhagen 2020

Assemble, Galleri Lars Borella 2020

Quiet Dog Gallery Gallery 2019

Kunstsalonen, Copenhagen 2019

Into the Blue, Space Gallery 2019

Recollections, Three Eyes Gallery 2018

Østerbro Salonen, Copenhagen 2018

Touch, Wellington 2018

Frederiksberg Salonen, Copenhagen 2017

Pop up exhibition, Wellington 2017

80 million years, Space Gallery 2017

Unframed, Space Gallery 2017

Two friends, The Annex 2017

I am She, Space Gallery 2016

Wonderfest, Space Gallery 2015

Holding it Together, Space Gallery 2015

Reflections, Gallery on Guyton 2014

Inside Out, Public art 2011

Reading Rooms, Green Bench Project Room 2011

Wild Swan, Rayner Brothers Gallery 2010

Conversations, Green Bench Project Room 2010

Paperwørks, Green Bench Project Room 2009

Souvenir, Green Bench Project Room 2008


25hours Hotel


KML Design

Penguin Books

Bloomsbury Publishing

Granta books

The Conran Shop

Peace Industry Rugs

Laure Vasconi Photography

Carl Hansen & Søn Funiture

Elle Decoration UK

Carre Jewellery

Small Acorns Interior

Laure Vasconi Photography

Lotte Bruning Photography

Anna Puntos









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